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Dear Shareholders,

2020 was an unexpected year with significant changes that rapidly and radically altered our lifestyle, with major impacts on diabetes, obesity and mental illness.

Indeed, the year ended with a greater than 70% growth in home fitness. Not only did this scenario accelerate the growth of home fitness, but it also triggered new health and prevention needs, driving growth for us in the sports, health and rehabilitation market.

The “Wellness on the go” strategy launched in 2012 - i.e. offering consumers the opportunity to access a personalised training programme anytime, anywhere: at home, in the gym, at work, on holiday, at the doctor’s and outdoors – which we have been following for years - is increasingly relevant today. The future of fitness will be characterised by a hybrid model, with people training both at home and in the gym. This model will bring significant opportunities for Technogym. From 2021, as well as the continuing growth of home fitness, we expect a strong recovery in B2B thanks to the much-anticipated reopening of wellness clubs, hotels, offices and sports centres.

Following on from the success of products launched in 2020, such as Technogym Bench and MyRun, innovation will continue in 2021 with the launch of the new Technogym App in the first half of the year. The new app will be an extension of the Technogym Ecosystem and above all the central element for offering people an unrivalled variety of training experiences and giving operators the chance to benefit from the large Technogym community and offer their end customers innovative services. Furthermore, the second half of 2021 will also see the launch of new products in the line with the prestige positioning in B2C and premium positioning in B2B.

In 2021, which will see double-digit growth, we will be the Official Supplier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, an extraordinary event not just for the promotion of Technogym, but for the spread of the culture of wellness and sport. Starting from the involvement of tens of millions of people who train with Technogym every day around the world, we are constantly working towards building a better world where health and environmental protection are central, as evidenced by our social commitment to sustainability, in complete alignment between our business objectives and ESG goals.

Let’s Move for a Better World.

Nerio Alessandri 

In Eur Thousand20212020201920182017
Revenues 611,412 509,679 668,931 634,138 587,035 555,341
EBITDA adj 107,023 96,884 147,827 134,420 119,851 99,933
EBIT  78,902 54,375 108,352 106,853 91,081 68,401
Net Profit 63,265 36,448 83,745 93,468 61,242 43,219

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Main shareholders


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