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Dear Shareholders,

Despite the political and economic uncertainties in the global scenario, 2022 was a highly satisfactory year for us at Technogym: it was a year in which we recorded unprecedented results, for which we would like to thank all our employees and partners around the world. Our revenue record clearly shows the strength of our brand, an icon of wellness, built up over 40 years of research and ongoing investment in product innovation, as well as our experiences with the Technogym Ecosystem, which has been further enhanced using artificial intelligence.

Our ‘wellness on the go’ strategy, launched in 2012, is proving to be more and more topical every day. In an increasingly ‘hybrid’ world, the consumer is at the centre: they are the ones who choose us in their favourite club, in their company fitness centre, in the best hotels, in the most beautiful locations in the world, and at home, while they are having fun, challenging themselves or looking after themselves. The place where they work out is changing but the possibility of accessing a precision training experience customised to their needs and to their fitness, sport or health goals is not changing. Medical studies throughout the world have shown that physical exercise is a powerful drug that fosters healthy longevity.

Against this backdrop, and in line with its long-standing commitment to ESG issues, Technogym is positioned in the life sciences sector as enabler of the wellness lifestyle, which it has achieved by developing customised solutions that can improve health and quality of life.

We will continue to grow and to create value for shareholders, and for all our stakeholders, in order to become increasingly relevant in the education of wellness and healthy lifestyles, in line with our mission “Let’s Move for a Better World”.

Nerio Alessandri 


In Eur Thousand202220212020201920182017
Revenues 721,490 611,412 509,679 668,931 634,138 587,035 555,341
EBITDA adj 131,927 107,023 96,884 147,827 134,420 119,851 99,933
EBIT 82,753  78,902 54,375 108,352 106,853 91,081 68,401
Net Profit 63,875 63,265 36,448 83,745 93,468 61,242 43,219

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