To guarantee our commitment to our stakeholders, Technogym® directs its own managerial system processes and guides behaviours and choices of everybody in the company by sharing internationally recognized standards and certified systems for Quality management, as well as for a Social and environmental responsibility.

Total Quality as a state of mind is the path the company has chosen to guarantee a continually improved, transparent and reliable relationship with the customer.

The Technogym® group is dedicated to promote and sustain the culture of Total Quality through the structure of our Management System to guarantee:

  • Involvement, Motivation and Valuing of people
  • Development and Innovation of Products/Services
  • Active involvement of Suppliers
  • Optimization and Controlling of processes
  • Client Satisfaction

In line with its mission and Corporate Management Policy, Technogym® has for many years now driven the processes of its management and production systems and has guided the behaviour and choices of its suppliers through shared, internationally recognised standards, such as the ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, for the Quality System management; ISO 14001, for the Environment Management System; ISO 50001, for the Energy Management System, ISO 45001 certificate for the Health and Safety at Work.