Giannelli Vincenzo
Indipendent Director

Graduated cum laude in Business Administration at Bocconi University in Milan in 1988, he then also obtained a Master in Corporate Tax Law (CERTI).

After his first work experience at Italtel from 1989 to 1994, covering international assignments at Italtel-Siemens in the following three years, in 1998 he became Group Controller and later Chief Financial Officer of the Manuli Rubber Group, then listed.

In 2001 he joined Fiat Auto, gradually taking on tasks and holding positions of greater responsibility, up to holding the position of Chief Information Officer from December 2004 until March 2007. From April 2007 to August 2009, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Fiat Powertrain Technologies. From September 2009 to August 2010, Chief Financial Officer of Fiat Group Automobiles. From September 2010 to December 2014, Chief Financial Officer of Safilo Group with global responsibility for all corporate functions supporting business development.

From January 2015 until January 2019, he was Chief Executive Officer at Iveco Defence Vehicles (a company of the CNH Industrial Group) and at the same time the President of the Iveco – Oto Melara consortium. After providing strategic consulting services in the Digital Transformation sector, since January 2020 he has been Corporate General Manager and Managing Director of Techedge S.p.A.