Above all, the Wellness philosophy is a daily commitment we make to our colleagues: thanks to our working environment and T-Welfare, we put their quality of life and work at the centre of what we do every day.

Since 1993, we have put the wellbeing of people at the heart of our company philosophy, with a mission to spread the Wellness culture around the world. There are now 50 million people globally who train with us every day in over 80,000 fitness centres and 500,000 homes. Above all, the Wellness philosophy is a daily commitment we make to our colleagues: we are able to export this lifestyle around the world only because we believe in Wellness and we want to be the first ones to live it day in, day out, starting from our working environment.

The working environment is where most of us spend a large part of the day. It has been proven that a working environment that is not only safe but comfortable, stimulating and optimised based on workers’ needs contributes considerably to their mental and physical wellbeing.

From this point of view, the Technogym Village, opened in Cesena in 2012, is a unique example of wellbeing architecture. A concept dreamt up by Nerio Alessandri and Antonio Citterio, it is the first Wellness campus in the world and an architectural representation of the company’s Wellness philosophy. Mr Citterio was inspired by the concepts of sustainability and bioarchitecture to create an integrated wellbeing environment characterised by the successful fusion of elements such as light, atmosphere, sensations, colours and natural materials. The spaces have been designed to be liveable and to enable a whole series of activities to be carried out, going way beyond mere “production”: the company’s headquarters nowadays is a workplace, an industrial production plant, a meeting place, a training site and a wellbeing environment, all rolled into one. We have implemented a corporate wellness programme within the Technogym Village in the interest of the health of all our employees.

Our T-Welfare is the result of complementary action on three fronts, namely the three pillars of Wellness: physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mindset. Working For Wellness is our unique colleague health programme that includes: access to a cutting-edge gym and outdoor sports, choosing from a wide range of individual and group classes; free annual check-ups to assess the employee’s health but also give them advice on how they can improve their physical and mental wellbeing; daily access to the T-Restaurant, the world's first wellness canteen, which offers a choice of three menus every day based on the employee’s dietary requirements.

Our colleagues’ health is also their families’ health, which is why we love opening up to the outside world: our “Take Home” service lets employees take fresh, healthy meals from the canteen for their family to have at home in the evening.

Working 4 Wellness: il benessere parte da noi

Relatives and friends of our employees are also welcome at our gym and in our outdoor spaces at the weekend or during some special events. When we talk about the working environment, we don’t just mean the physical spaces; we also mean the wellbeing that comes from feeling at ease sharing moments with others. Today like never before, it is important to support the work/life balance of our colleagues, who in 2020 often had to cope with uncertainty, anxiety and reconciling work with childcare. In order to fulfil the need of reassuring employees, a series of measures were implemented and a lot of work was done on communicating and sharing the new working methods and procedures for using space. As early as the end of January 2020, after the first international signs of the COVID-19 emergency, we committed to taking preventive action to contain and counter the risk of contagion.

A code of conduct was drawn up, and subsequently revised and updated, and a Medical Opinion service was launched to provide all the health-related information related to the pandemic. We have implemented organisational measures at all workplaces so our people can continue to work safely, whether in production sites or offices. In terms of organisation, we defined shifting and rotation methods in production areas and initiated home working for office-based roles, using platforms that enabled work to be managed remotely and gave colleagues the flexibility they needed to manage what was an extraordinary situation.

Nearly a decade after it was opened, the Technogym Village is still an innovative, peoplefocused workplace that acts as a benchmark for many firms who visit our campus every year in search of inspiration. The company has been recognised worldwide - by the media and through important awards, including “Best Place to Work” - as a benchmark for the quality of its working environments and staff services.