For over 20 years, Technogym has been promoting wellness as a social opportunity for all stakeholders: citizens, businesses and governments. Using this history of culture and innovation, and in compliance with the United Nations’ “Good Health and Well-being” goal, the company is determined to keep helping its stakeholders to achieve wellness by promoting sustainable lifestyles and behaviours for the wellbeing of the community through a range of products and services that use the latest technology, meet the needs of private and professional users, and reach an ever larger number of people.

Our goals:

  • To promote Wellness as a social opportunity by encouraging physical exercise as a way of fighting obesity and inactivity;
  • To encourage local and global partnerships aimed at promoting wellness and quality of life;
  • To be the world’s leading Wellness Solution Provider.


Our mission to help build a better world based on the health of its people must be accompanied by considerable care and attention for the environment in which we live. That is why, in pursuing the UN’s “Responsible consumption and production” and “Industry, innovation and infrastructure” goals, we work to create products and environments in which functionality and aesthetics can co-exist and where seeking out new green solutions, from the planning stage onwards, enables us to act responsibly while not neglecting excellence in design.

Our goals:

  • To use natural resources responsibly all along the value chain, applying the latest innovations in research and development;
  • To produce cutting-edge, well-designed goods, applying the principles of the circular economy to the design and manufacturing of products;
  • To establish product lines with a high aesthetic value but a low environmental impact.


Through several concrete projects, such as the Wellness Valley set up in 2003 and the Let’s Move for a Better World campaign, which is now on to its seventh edition, we wish to promote the full expression and realisation of wellness as a concept, using our technologies and communication initiatives to help improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the community and the planet. We believe these factors are crucial in order to achieve the UN’s goal of “Sustainable cities and communities”.

Our goals:

  • To support the communities in which Technogym is present and make Wellness accessible to all;
  • To spread the Wellness Valley worldwide, taking the specific characteristics of each territory into consideration and developing a wellness community;
  • To help fitness professionals to spread wellness throughout their communities;
  • To encourage entrepreneurial spirit and expertise all along the supply chain, encouraging local and regional development while complying with and upholding workers’ and human rights.