Monday, February 1, 2021 - 08:47

The strong revenue growth in Home Fitness accelerates to reach 1 Billion Euro in the mid term

On the occasion of the launch of Technogym MyRun, the new home treadmill, Nerio Alessandri, President and CEO, comments: “After a 2020 characterized by a boom in home fitness, the acceleration of the growth continues in 2021. In the actual post-covid scenario, in which people's awareness of the importance of health and prevention is constantly increasing, the launch of the new MyRun and the upcoming new home fitness products will allow us to enter tens of thousands of new homes. We therefore aim at anticipating the achievement of 300 million Euro Home Fitness revenue and reaching 1 billion Euro total revenue in the mid term”

TECHNOGYM MYRUN is the home treadmill designed to meet the needs of the whole family and to offer customized running or walking programs suitable for users of all levels: from beginners to fitness lovers and sports enthusiasts.

By simply placing a tablet on the MYRUN console, users will be able to choose their favorite trainer form the comprehensive library of on-demand content that offers engaging one-to-one guided sessions, training routines for athletic performance, tailor-made workouts for weight loss, health and wellness and virtual paths set in nature or in the world’s most beautiful cities.

Technogym MyRun launches at a price of 3,250 Euro in Euope, including VAT, delivery, installation and the unlimited access to the comprehensive on-demand training experiences content library as well as to the Technogym Ecosystem digital services accessible at home, at the gym and via mobile, in line with the “Wellness on the go” strategy. In the United States, MyRun is available at 2,980 U$ + tax, delivery and installation included.