Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 18:28

Cesena (Italy), 31 October 2017 – Technogym S.p.A. announces that the Board of Directors, gathered today in front of the Notary Public, exerciting the mandate conferred by the Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting on 30 March 2016, decided to increase the share capital pursuant to articles 2443 and 2349 of the Italian Civil Code for an amount equal to Euro 50,250, by issuing nr. 1,005,000 ordinary shares to be assigned in favor of employees of the Company who are the recipients of the Long Term Incentive Plan approved by the Board od Directors on 22 June 2012 (as subsequentely modified and updated as approved by the same Board of Directors on 18 June 2015 and on 16 December 2015). The new shares will be assigned to the beneficiaries of the Long Term Incentive Plan pursuant to the terms and conditions provided in the same Long Term Incentive Plan regulation. 

The information required by Attachment 3A, Scheme 7, of the Issuers’ Regulation are contained in the remuneration report approved by the Board of Directors on 6 March 2017 and available on the Technogym website www.technogym.com , Investor Relations section.