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Monday, September 3, 2018 - 16:39

The revolutionary indoor bike designed for the new cycling market space

Technogym – the world leading brand in fitness and wellness products, services and digital technologies and official supplier to the last seven Olympic games – introduces SKILLBIKE™, the revolutionary stationary bike that opens a new product category enabling cyclists, triathletes and cycling enthusiasts to live the emotion and challenge of outdoor experiences in an indoor environment both at home and in fitness clubs.

SKILLBIKE, together with the other SKILL LINE products, is part of a specific strategy to address the fast growing trend of sport performance training both in mainstream health clubs and boutique studios. More specifically SKILLBIKE is the one and only stationary bike perfectly simulating road bike and opening a completely new market space for fitness clubs to attract new customers and to offer a new programs and unique indoor training experiences. Alongside the business to business opportunity, SKILLBIKE will also boost Technogym’s consumer strategy by offering a premium home solution for the growing number of cyclists and amateurs (cycling global market is expected to grow from 46 Billion US$ in 2016 to 67 Billion in 2024).

The product includes exclusive features specifically designed for athletic and performance training: it is the first indoor bike with real gear. The REAL GEAR SHIFT patent that allows users to replicate the dynamics of hill riding. By shifting gears, riders can counter the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence for the maximum efficiency, while the console displays the gear ratio selections in real time.

To offer the same feeling of outdoor riding, SKILLBIKE’s RIDING DESIGN (Patent) reproduces the biomechanics of outdoor bikes. The frame and handlebar are shaped to seamlessly accommodate different riding positions such as road, time trial and mountain bike. At the heart of SKILLBIKE™ is the ingenious ROAD EFFECT system which simulate the feeling of riding outdoors by reading your pedaling style and performance parameters.

SKILLBIKE is a digital and fully interactive product: the integrated 7” color LCD connected console provides all of the relevant data of your performance with real-time feedback on cadence, watts, speed, distance, gradient, heart rate, selected gear and gear ratio. SKILLBIKE also features a wide range of training programs, targeted routines and routes to fit your goals and performance tests in order to evaluate your threshold power and choose the best training level for you. SKILLBIKE is integrated with STRAVA, GARMIN and ZWIFT to keep you on track with your goals.

SKILLBIKE is also ideal for small group training sessions on the gym floor or in a studio
environment. With SKILLBIKE trainers can offer two different yet equally engaging class
experiences: Race and Performance. The SKILLBIKE™ professional app allows trainers to
prepare the class in advance and enables seamless class management.