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Wellness Economy

Staying healthy pays off

Star bene conviene’ (Staying healthy pays off). This principle, as simple as it is far-reaching in its scope, is at the heart of the Wellness Economy, the economic and social development model Nerio Alessandri has promoted for years through his work as President of the Wellness Foundation. It is a model that can reconcile between people's wellness and economic sustainability.

The constant rise in healthcare spending due to ageing populations and the spread of increasingly unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles put at risk human development and survival on our planet.

Investing in a culture of healthy lifestyles is therefore the first essential step towards restoring a perspective of sustainability to our planet.

Wellness represents a great opportunity for everyone: for people it means better health, for companies the ability to rely on more creative and productive employees, and for governments the ability to save through prevention considerable resources spent on curing diseases.

The Wellness Economy Manifesto was officially published in 2012 by Nerio Alessandri.