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Wellness Foundation

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The Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2003 by Nerio Alessandri, president and founder of Technogym® the Wellness Company. The foundation's mission is to spread and promote around the world the Wellness culture and benefits, defining a lifestyle that combines regular physical exercise, healthy diet and a positive mental attitude towards life.

The Wellness Foundation collaborates with governments, institutions, international organisations, universities, businesses, hospitals, fitness clubs, doctors, experts and researchers from various countries in promoting policies, programmes, projects and solutions that help improve Wellness and health in people's everyday lives.

Over the years the Wellness Foundation has developed an international network of collaboration with some of the leading organisations committed to improving people's health and quality of life. Noteworthy collaborators include:


The Wellness Foundation, in coordination with the Ministry of Sports, is the Italian national coordinator of the European Sports Week, the annual event organised by the European Commission to promote among the population the advantages of an active life and constant physical exercise.

ALCIS (Active Learning for Children in Schools)

The European Commission initiative to combat childhood obesity through exercise in elementary and secondary schools across Europe where the Wellness Foundation is the Italian programme coordinator.


The Foundation supports the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine’s global campaign for prescribing and administering physical exercise as a medication for preventing and treating chronic diseases.


The Wellness Foundation, in collaboration with the World Heart Federation, takes part in the World Heart Day for combating cardiovascular diseases.


The Wellness Foundation is an active participant in the global campaign for diabetes prevention organised annually around the world.


The Wellness Foundation participates in international study groups set up by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for assembling and disseminating best practices for the prevention of chronic diseases and for the improvement of public health.


Up until 2016, the Wellness Foundation was an active participant in the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to fight childhood obesity in schools by educating students, teachers and parents about healthy eating habits and active living.


The Foundation is an actual and active member of a working group focused on promoting physical movement; it is appointed by EuropeActive, the European Health and Fitness Association, and includes the major players in the fitness and wellness industry.