Eco solutions

Eco-friendly products

TECHNOGYM chooses product materials that are renewable, healthy and safe. For example:

  • On average, recyclable materials make up for more than 95% of the weight of each product.
  • The disassembly system ensures a simple recovery of raw materials at the end of the product life cycle. Even packaging can be re-used several times.
  • The selected materials contain no toxic components and comply with the EU standards regulating the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
  • The Excite+ line uses water-based instead of solvent-based paints and does not involve chrome plating.
  • By using top-quality materials, TECHNOGYM products are long-lasting because they are less subject to wear. This means fewer spare parts, less waste, lower use of raw materials.
  • TECHNOGYM products, where technically possible, are designed to ensure energy efficiency without compromising performance, e.g. the Excite+ cardio line includes self-powered versions capable of generating their own energy in order to work.
Green Technology

TECHNOGYM ARTIS is the only collection of environmentally friendly wellness equipment. Its unique patent-pending technology allows people to reduce, recycle and even renew energy generated during their workout. With ARTIS, gym members and operators alike can contribute towards creating a sustainable gym and a more sustainable planet.