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Enviromental sustainability

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The environment is a fundamental element of the Wellness lifestyle, the Company’s philosophy of promoting sustainable socio-economic development; environmental themes and ecological sustainability have always been central to TECHNOGYM’s strategy and processes.

The TECHNOGYM Village, designed by Antonio Citterio & Partners, was constructed according to bio-architecture principles and crite- ria, which aim to protect the environment and save energy. Its architecture is inspired by the hills surrounding Cesena and by the sea waves not far from the company. Nature is a source of inspiration also in the choice of the materials used: wood, glass and steel.

The north-facing building is designed to exploit the natural heat transfer mechanism, ensuring a working environment cool in summer and warm in winter. Large automatic-opening glass panels below the roof use recirculated air to lower the temperature inside the building. Light has been a guiding element that has been carefully studied to ensure an excellent work environment in term of quality of light, in fact the building has been positioned to follow the sun´s path from sunrise to sunset.

Every cubic meter of soil is re-utilized to create a natural barrier that stretch for some 800 meters, parallel to the motorway offering 2 advantages: visual as they echo the curved roof of the building and practical as they provide natural sound proofing.

In terms of certifications, the company was awarded ‘Titoli di Efficienza Energetica’ (Italian energy efficiency certificates) and pursues the so called UNI ISO 14001 certified practices throughout 2015 in order to achieve products and processes that are environmentally compatible in terms of renewable resources, product longevity and durability, energy efficiency and recovery and reusable packaging.