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Corporate Wellness

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As part of the company’s mission which promotes the Wellness lifestyle all over the world, the Corporate Wellness project plays a key role in TECHNOGYM, targeted at offering employees an all-round program for health, physical exercise and sport.

The Technogym Village, created in 2012, reflects the vision of Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym, who, together with architect Antonio Citterio, conceptualised a place where lifestyle, quality, design and productivity are all combined. It is the first example of a Wellness Campus world-wide: a cultural centre, an innovation laboratory and a production site where company members, customers, suppliers and guests from all over the world can enjoy a Wellness-inspired experience.

Inside the Technogym Village, team members can take part in a Corporate Wellness program aimed at improving personal well-being, developed and supervised by experts at the TECHNOGYM Scientific Department, and focusing on the three main pillars of wellness: physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental approach.

It is therefore possible to follow specific training or sports programs, both at individual and at group level, indoors in the spacious wellness centre, or outdoors. The Wellness Center encompasses over 200 training machines that represent the state of the art in terms of technology, biomechanics, innovation and design. The area of over 3.500 square meters can be accessed by all team members that can choose to train in the morning, during the lunch break or in the evening. Team members can also take part in group lessons of Tai Chi, Group Cycling, Functional Training, as well as basket or beach volley tournaments.

Within the scope of the same Corporate Wellness project, educational activities are organised on subjects including: a positive mental approach, healthy eating habits or team building, in order to offer valuable tools and experiences to improve the recipients' lifestyles.

All work areas have been designed to ensure personal well-being in terms of posture, lighting and movement education.

At the Technogym restaurant, the menu, created by the Scientific Department, includes balanced dishes prepared using seasonal, high-quality ingredients, low in salt and in saturated fats and always offered with a choice of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Every morning all company members can start their work day with a Wellness Breakfast.

Every year, the company, supported by primary health care facilities, organises free medical check-ups for its employees, who can thus keep their state of health monitored over the years and have regular exchanges with specialists to receive useful advice on how to improve their health and prevent diseases. The results of these medical checks, analysed by independent Universities, clearly show that Technogym staff who participate in the Corporate Wellness program successfully improve their health records or maintain them unaltered over time.