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Our Philosophy
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Wellness® is the lifestyle promoted by TECHNOGYM which aims at improving people’s quality of life through education and regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and positive mental attitude. In the early nineties, when an all-muscle vision of fitness à la Jane Fonda and Sylvester Stallone was taking America by storm, in Italy, Nerio Alessandri from Romagna created a new vision, Wellness®, a profoundly Italian way of living, dating back to the “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) principles of Ancient Rome and based on regular physical exercise, a healthy diet and a positive mental approach’: a genuine revolution; which turned a business based on hedonism into a social business - from looking good to feeling good, and from a small élite of body beautiful fanatics to the entire human population. 

Wellness® is a social opportunity for everyone: for Governments, that can reduce the costs of healthcare, for companies to stimulate their members to be more creative and productive and for all citizens to improve their health and daily lifestyle. This is the idea behind the work of the Wellness Foundation, the non-profit organization created more than 10 years ago by Nerio Alessandri, with the goal of sharing his twenty years’ experience in the fitness, Wellness and health sector in order to create a more sustainable society thanks to the promotion of Wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 

At an international level, thanks to the commitment of Nerio Alessandri and the Wellness Foundation, Wellness® has become a key theme of the World Economic Forum of Davos and has been the subject of a United Nations event in New York. In its region, Romagna, the Wellness Foundation kick-started the Wellness Valley project, which aims to create the first Wellness district in the world, capitalizing on the natural DNA of the Romagna region and on Wellness as an economic (tourism, food, technology) and social (health and prevention) opportunity for the area. 

The Technogym Village
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On September 29, 2012 in the presence of the Italian President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano and former President of the USA Bill Clinton, the TECHNOGYM Village was inaugurated, the first Wellness campus in the world; a cultural center, an innovation laboratory and a production center, in which partners, customers, suppliers and guests from around the world can enjoy a real experience inspired by Wellness. 

Built to become the entry door of the Wellness Valley, he TECHNOGYM Village reflects the vision of Nerio Alessandri, who, together with architect Antonio Citterio, conceptualized a place where lifestyle, quality, design and productivity are all combined: extended on over 60,000 m² of covered spaces on a 150,000 m² site, the TECHNOGYM Village houses TECHNOGYM’s corporate headquarters, the research center, the factory and a large Wellness center. The entire project, designed by Antonio Citterio & Partners is based on the concepts of eco-sustainability and bio-architecture applied to create a place of work and inspiration devoted to excellence.