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Products & Solutions

Total Wellness Solution

TECHNOGYM’s unique offer is the Total Wellness Solution, a bespoke Wellness solution for operators and end users that includes:

  • Equipment for fitness, Wellness and sport
  • Cloud platform and digital products
  • Services (After-sales, Training, Interior Design, Marketing Support and Financing)
Product line
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TECHNOGYM boasts a complete range of cutting-edge equipment, dedicated to cardio, strength, functional and group training, specially designed to meet the market needs of the different segments. The company is constantly committed to developing new products and technologies to offer safe, effective and engaging training. 


TECHNOGYM’s PERSONAL Line is the collection of iconic products dedicated to Wellness at home, which combines innovation, technology and design. Born out of the collaboration between TECHNOGYM, with its thirty-year experience in developing fitness and Wellness products, and the design concept of Antonio Citterio, the Personal line products are inspired by nature and science. The result is a line of interior design products, created using refined materials and the best craftsmanship techniques. The PERSONAL Line includes: the innovative Kinesis Personal for gentle gymnastics, which, thanks to the Full Gravity patent, allows free and natural movement, offering 360° resistance; the new Power Personal for strength training, the Run Personal treadmill, the Elliptical Cross Trainer and the Recline exercise bike, equipped with UNITY, the most advanced multimedia interface on the market.


ARTIS embodies the state of the art of the fitness and Wellness sector, it is the result of 30 years of scientific and technological research in design and production of workout products. It includes a complete collection of integrated products, coordinated in terms of design and style, connected and sustainable for cardio, strength and functional training, which allows users to enjoy a unique experience. The line includes also OMNA, the product for small groups training, with training programs for different levels of ability.


EXCITE is the world’s widest range of products for cardiovascular exercise. It includes machines for whole body workouts, both upper and lower body, to meet users’ needs of exercise variety and functionality. The EXCITE line was updated in 2016, with a restyling and the addition of the new UNITY platform.


SELECTION PRO is the line of professional products for strength training that has set the standard on the market, thanks to its elliptical tube-shaped design and ergonomic solutions. SELECTION PRO ensures extraordinary biomechanics as it reproduces the physiological trajectories in a given range of motion and is distinguished by comfort and ease of use. The line, recently innovated, is equipped with the brand new UNITY MINI console, which offers users the only connected strength training experience on the market.


The ELEMENT line redefines the strength training experience in terms of its essential elements. Designed to provide a quality solution at a more affordable price, ELEMENT offers superior biomechanics, is extremely easy to use and offers complete comfort.


The complete line of PURE STRENGTH equipment is the result of a long experience in helping Olympic athletes get stronger and faster. The most innovative solutions in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics and product durability ensure that PURE STRENGTH offers the maximum results to everyone looking for the best form of strength training and the highest level of sports performance.


Products for cardiovascular exercise from the EXCITE MED line are sophisticated pieces of equipment dedicated to stress testing, patient assessment and rehabilitation. In terms of strength, SELECTION MED is characterized by the completeness of the range, its application versatility and the innovative Multiple Resistance System (patent pending) on LEG PRESS MED, a device which combines the benefits of elastic resistance with those of traditional weight stack training, to meet both rehabilitation and muscle strengthening needs. All medical lines are TÜV and 93/42/EEC certified.


KINESIS is not merely a product, but an actual training discipline. KINESIS line products for functional training are designed to help users recover the functionality of free and natural movement, offering effective and adjustable training based on the level of experience and specific targets to be achieved. The ‘Full Gravity’ patent allows natural 360 degree movements which activates complete kinetic chains. The ‘Kinesis Class’ configuration allows personal trainers to easily manage an entire class. The KINESIS innovation and technology are also available in one single station. Developed as a single free-standing unit with a reduced footprint, KINESIS ONE provides a complete training solution. The Kinesis Stations are also part of the line.


A line entirely dedicated to athletic performance training, it includes SKILLMILL, the product that has defined a new category of training solutions, a unique piece of non-motorized equipment that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training, representing the ideal solution for professional athletes and fitness fanatics who want to improve their performances; and SKILLROW, the first indoor rowing equipment designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in one solution.


Group Cycle Connect is a comprehensive solution for Group Cycling, fully integrated with the TECHNOGYM Ecosystem and which offers a completely innovative training experience, thanks to the development of a new bike, the possibility for users to measure their workout results and compare them with those of other users and record their results on the MyWellness platform that is accessible directly through the display incorporated in the bike and mobile devices. The product also includes a full range of immersive video contents for group classes, to provide users with an absorbing and motivating experience.


ARKE’ è la soluzione che offre prodotti innovativi per il movimento funzionale, e rientra nel metodo Core Centric Training studiato dal Centro Research & Development di Technogym. La denominazione del set di tool Arke deriva dal greco “arche”, che significa “origine”, perché la soluzione si propone di allenare a realizzare i movimenti naturali tipici della vita quotidiana.


Based on in-depth scientific research, FLEXability Anterior and Posterior are designed to guide all types of users in doing stretching exercises in a comfortable fashion, contributing to a faster and more effective way of stretching muscle chains (TECHNOGYM patent). The range also enables an initial assessment of flexibility and a continuous monitoring of improvement.


Ideal for Wellness at home, the TECHNOGYM line includes products from the FORMA line, the MYRUN TECHNOGYM treadmill, which represents the new iconic TECHNOGYM product for the home, boasting an elegant and minimalist design, silent operation and compact dimensions, and the WELLNESS BALL ACTIVE SITTING, the dual intensity ball that can be used as both an alternative to a chair at home or in the office and as a tool for doing a full program of exercises. TECHNOGYM has also launched the brand new MYCYCLING, the new indoor training solution for cyclists

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The Total Wellness Solution TECHNOGYM offers to end users and professional operators also includes a series of services which aim to make the Wellness experience for end users more complete and more personalized and to provide professional operators with a wider and more diversified range of tools to expand and retain their customer base.

Interior design

Thanks to the Wellness Design service, TECHNOGYM is able to offer the full design of the Wellness center or the Wellness area in hotels, companies, medical centers or private homes. The objective is to create peaceful and stimulating spaces and environments and allow customers to stand out thanks to a unique and personalized style. 

Financial Services

TECHNOGYM ensures its customers safe, fast and transparent financing, together building a personalized and reliable plan in collaboration with a number of top international banks and insurance companies.

After Sales

TECHNOGYM’s assistance services aim to guarantee performances, reliability and value over time for the equipment acquired, thanks to modular and tailored contracts which ensure the best level of operation and constant quality of the equipment. The company boasts a global network of Authorized Technical Assistance Centers able to take prompt and competent action.

Marketing & Support

The promotion of Wellness, sporting partnerships and the TECHNOGYM global community make the brand distinctive in its appeal, contributing to customers’ business. The company possesses educational and promotional tools to raise awareness about the equipment and its benefits and to allow customers to exploit TECHNOGYM’s brand and communication as an asset for their business.

Apps, Devices & Contents

Thanks to the MyWellness cloud open platform, integrated with equipment, apps and portable devices, operators and users can stay in touch everywhere for a comprehensive lifestyle management that increases customer loyalty and business opportunities. Operators can take advantage of a vast range of professional applications that grow their potential, while users can get involved through the UNITY digital console, the most advanced cardio interface on the market, designed to make every workout experience unique.

Technogym University

The TECHNOGYM University encourages the exchange and sharing of ideas and projects through the use of multimedia resources, thus placing the TECHNOGYM Village at the heart of a network that is capable of reaching millions of individuals. The TECHNOGYM Village facilities host numerous congresses, seminars, and workshops organized by the TECHNOGYM University and the Wellness Institute, TECHNOGYM’s dedicated training school. The Wellness Institute is where fitness center operators, doctors, and researchers can come together to share their ideas, projects and new scientific discoveries; this encourages a multi-disciplinary approach, and contributes to the development of the Wellness culture. Continuous training of industry professionals is ensured by on-line and on-site courses, as well as specialist technical seminars held by highly esteemed, experienced university professors.