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Product Development

From its outset in 1983, TECHNOGYM’s guiding principle has been all-round innovation: product, processes, digital ecosystem, sales, marketing and all company sectors.

Products are the central element of TECHNOGYM’s innovation strategy. The company’s Research and Development area employs more than 200 professionals including engineers, sports doctors, designers and software developers, and avails itself of external collaborations with physicians, physiotherapists, architects, athletes and sports trainers. TECHNOGYM owns, at national and international level, 241 patents and 313 trademarks registered worldwide. 

Medical - Scientific Research

The scientific approach is an integral part of TECHNOGYM’s product development, which also boasts a long-standing collaboration with a network of scientists and prestigious Italian and international universities, among which the University of Greenwich (UK), the IOWA University (USA) and the Italian Universities of Bologna, Padua and Verona and the IUSM in Rome 

Digital innovation

Digital innovation is a fundamental part of TECHNOGYM’s activities. TECHNOGYM had already launched the Wellness System in 1996, the first software program for training management. Today, TECHNOGYM’s offer incorporates the TECHNOGYM Ecosystem, a unique ecosystem in the world of fitness and Wellness which includes connected equipment based on an ‘Internet of Things’ approach, a cloud platform that contains personalized data and training programs for individual users and a complete range of consumer and professional apps to access their individual Wellness programs. The user experience is also radically innovative; the TECHNOGYM Ecosystem is an open application that integrates TECHNOGYM products and services with the leading tracking apps and wearable devices to provide users with a ‘Wellness on the Go’ experience, anytime and anywhere (in the gym, at home, in the workplace, outdoor, in the doctor’s surgery or while travelling). Each individual user has a personal account containing his/her own personal data and training programs and can access his/her data on their physical activity through various touchpoints: apps, web portal and/or directly through TECHNOGYM equipment, thanks to the UNITY interface. 


Design and Innovation awards

Style and Italian design have always been distinctive characteristics of TECHNOGYM worldwide. The company has participated in the Salone del Mobile di Milan, the most important design event in the world, for over 10 years, it collaborates with Antonio Citterio, one of the most renowned Italian architects, and boasts a top Design Department within its Research and Development Center.